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aboutUs_v02“superior technology and
brilliant innovation, by
themselves rarely succeed”

Peter A. Howley is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur with unprecedented experience in successfully building high growth disruptive technology and service companies. As Chairman of The Howley Management Group he works closely with international CEO’s, Boards and Entrepreneurs to accelerate their companies into industry leaders.

In addition to founding five companies, Howley has also advised, served on boards and as interim CEO in numerous companies looking to accelerate their success. He has the distinction of leading his first venture backed company through IPO and acquisition into the pages of American business history as CEO of Centex Telemanagement. It was recognized as one of the fastest growing, best managed, most profitable companies in America. It retains a cult status in the service industry.

Howley joined the founders of Exodus Communications, a growth ready Global Web Hosting Company, to assist in accelerating its success. He continued to advise and serve on the post IPO Board until June 2000. Exodus still holds a NASDAQ record for consecutive quarters of greater than 40% revenue growth. As the CEO/co-founder of IPWireless, Inc., Howley raised more than $120 million in venture capital. His leadership was instrumental in the company’s successful acquisition by Nextwave.

Fueled by a passion for the latest trends in technology, Howley believes that core business principles never change. “No matter how technology evolves, proven processes and concepts endure,” he says. “Superior technology and brilliant innovation, by themselves, rarely succeed. Experience counts. That is the common factor most frequently separating phenomenal success from abject failure. Entrepreneurs can either bring someone like me on board to support their vision, or struggle alone with the complexities of simultaneous evolving technology and business models.”

Led by Howley, The Howley Management Group provides strategic insights, connections and resources to accelerate growth and dominate the marketplace. “It’s tremendously rewarding,” he says, “to have a client follow my advice and become wildly successful.

He routinely publishes articles, speaks frequently to a wide array of audiences on industry topics, and has been quoted extensively in publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Fortune Magazine. Recently Howley co-authored a bestselling book,Trendsetters: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Top Trends To Help You Achieve Greater Health, Wealth and Success. He received the Golden Quill Award from The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, as well as the Editors Choice Award.

Peter’s new co-authored book, released November 2012, The Secret of Winning Big became an instant best seller. He is finalizing his forthcoming book, The Good CEO.

Read more about Peter’s business leadership experience at www.TheGoodCEO.com